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Long-Arm Quilting Studio


Edge-to-Edge Pantographs
$.02 per square inch


Edge-to-edge quilting includes one design or large stippling or meandering over the entire quilt with no special border patterns. The pattern goes across the entire length and width of the quilt. You can choose from many designs that I offer. This works well for those quilts that will be used heavily. It also works well with "busy" fabrics.


Custom Quilting
$.025 per square inch


Custom quilting includes designs that are specific to your quilt, such as small stippling, or any two patterns. This would include a single pattern stitched over the main part of the quilt top with a complimentary, but different, pattern on the borders.


Heirloom Quilting
$.03 per square inch


Heirloom quilting includes three or more designs on your quilt top and border, and includes any combination of patterns or designs. I have hundreds to choose from. This also includes "stitch-in-the-ditch"


How to figure the cost: Multiply the length x width x price per square inch Example: 60" (length) x 72" (width) x .02 (pantograph) = $86.40